Asphalt and concrete are very durable surfaces.  Wegener Asphalt’s tradesmen take pride in following the best practices to make sure your project will last for years with minimal maintenance.  However, any material will deteriorate in the elements.  Traffic, sun, freeze and thaw, rain and other factors will work against your new construction project.

Wegener Asphalt recommends property owners protect their investment in asphalt and concrete driveways, roads, parking lots in subdivisions, condominiums and shopping centers and other features with periodic sealing.

Sealing asphalt with high-quality sealer restores the protective outer layer of new asphalt.  By sealing your asphalt you will realize many more years between replacement and resurfacing and reduce the need for maintenance and repairs.  A freshly sealed asphalt surface looks like new and can be a great value for improving the curb appeal of a property.

Concrete needs to be sealed against the elements too.  Wegener Asphalt crews will seal your concrete sidewalks, driveways, roads and other concrete items on your property. Sealed concrete sheds water, shows less damage from freeze and thaw cycles and is far less apt to spall or show other types of damage.

Contact Wegener Asphalt about having your asphalt or concrete surface sealed and keep your property looking good and save the costs of repair and replacement.